Wednesday, March 13, 2013

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How does your garden grow?
How does your garden grow?
How does your garden grow?

It's hard to believe that it's technically still winter. The weather has been truly spectacular these last few days, so we've been hanging out in the back yard quite a bit. Some of us weed, some of us climb trees, some of us try to put rocks, sticks, grass, and other assorted debris in our mouths, and some of us try to stop this oral exploration. Good times.

brothers building together

A few days ago, my kids actually played together for an extended period of time. I had an entire uninterrupted CONVERSATION ON THE PHONE! which made me happy, but obviously, I'm also really happy about the relationship between those two. They love each other so much; it brings me lots of joy.


Get away from me, grass!

Corbin is NOT a fan of how grass feels on his legs.

whiteboard art 
I've been thinking a lot about Noah and schooling. He's turning five this summer, so he could go to Kindergarten in September. But there are what feels like millions of options. We're leaning towards homeschooling for a variety of reasons, but there are so many different ways to homeschool! I'm reading about public school independent study programs, private school homeschooling programs, homeschool co-ops, charter schools... it's all a bit overwhelming. Part of me wants to build my own curriculum from the ground up and do it all on my own. The (more realistic) part of me knows that some sort of accountability beyond what's required by the state would be helpful. It's a good thing I have six months to figure it all out!

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Alissa said...

The good thing about homeschooling is that you can continue to learn as you go along, adjusting as you go. I love having my kids with me and seeing them learn - I like being a part of it and feeling in touch with what they're interested in. It is exhausting sometimes, but I'm glad we're doing it. Best wishes as you continue to explore your options!

Deirdre said...

I love your beautiful spring photos! Just lovely.

...they call me mommy... said...

Your springy photos drew me over here!! Your boys are very cute! :) I have a Noah also!


Yara said...

Did he draw that all by himself? Forget kindergarden, send him to art school.

bethany actually said...

Eh. Homeschooling for kindergarten's easy. You aren't actually required to register Noah as a homeschooler till he'll be six before October 15 (I think that's the date, it's somewhere around there) of the current school year. You don't HAVE to do anything this year. You have longer than you thought to think about 1st grade! :-)

Anonymous said...

What Bethany said.

Also, Elliott is impressed by that Lego creation.

ALSO also, my captcha says "incorror" which is obviously what happens when something is so incorrect if feels like you're in a horror movie.

N said...

I find it funny how Corbin's big toe is independent from the others. My Uriel does the same thing! I thought he was unique! ;)
As for homeschooling, I have a bit longer than you to think about it (the twin are younger than Noah), but I'm also thinking about sending them to a regular school here and complement their curriculum with French homeschooling classes... Are you thinking about teaching German to your boys?

Jamie said...

LOVE his drawing! I think Annalie has inspired him.

sara's art house said...

Great pictures!

My 2 cents about homeschooling: It is awesome!!!! The best part of our day is school time. And you have the perfect opportunity starting when he is in will learn as you go.

You asked about my window (thank you!) I just use acrylic paint (apple barrel brand, very cheap at wal-mart) any acrylic will work. And then when you want to take it off, you wet it and scrape with a cloth and maybe a spatula.