Wednesday, February 20, 2013

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While the East Coast was getting pounded with snow, we had some winter of our own out here in Southern California. It's been raining quite a bit, we had hail one afternoon, and last Saturday morning, we woke up to this frost!
Of course, I ended up having to run out there in my pajamas (and a jacket!) to get some photos of it before it all melted. (Which happened so fast you could almost watch it.)



new apron

I've been on a sewing kick lately. Last Saturday night, I finally finished this apron. I cut it out in October with the intention of sewing one to try out the pattern so that I could make cute aprons as Christmas gifts. Hahahahahaha.... HAHAHAHA. Ha. Hahaha.
At any rate - it's finished now and it's lovely.
It also inspired me to make pancakes for breakfast, and since we'd had heart-shaped pancakes for Valentine's Day just a few days before, Noah requested that I make more heart-shaped pancakes. I aim to please...



playing catch

Elliora is... having a ball. (Ba-dum ching!) Related: Taking pictures of kids playing catch is kind of tricky!


that's how I feel about laundry, too
my sweet little laundry helper
The baby's not sleeping well. At all.
On top of that, we've all been sick on and off since Christmas.
I've accidentally deleted my blogger profile photo and haven't had a chance to take a new one (or find one I could use) and upload it.
And yes, there's laundry coming out of our ears (as per usual).
I'm ready for this, too, to pass.

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Yara said...

Pretty frost is pretty.

I was so confused about the giant blue dot over E's face, I couldn't figure out why you wanted to keep her anonymous.

Laundry sucks. At least your helper is adorable.

Crafty P said...

that fabric and apron are lovely!
you sound like me with wild hopes of handmade gifts that never seem to happen! lol
have a lovely week!

lindsey gallant said...

I love your apron! What great fabric. Last year I set out to crochet a scarf for my daughter for Christmas. I finished it in March, just in time for the warm weather! :)

Sue said...

I love the winter pictures! Taking pictures of sports gets even harder as the kids get older and faster. That is a great shot of the laundry too - it's real life, unvarnished.

sarahgrace said...

Love the apron! It's very cute. And I can SO relate to the, ahem, amount of time it takes to get a sewing project done. ;-) (Or any project, that matter. Like... laundry.)

bethany actually said...

Yara's comment cracked me up.

Yes, frost is SoCal where it melts in five minutes. I'm thinking of my trip to Omaha next week, where temps have been in the single digits Fahrenheit this week...that is, 25-30 degrees below freezing...and thinking I prefer SoCal winter to Nebraska winter. Why am I going there in February again!?

sarah doow said...

Love your apron, it's so pretty.

Kelly @ View Along the Way said...

Um, I love your blog. Just from this one post. I think we have the same life... except I can't sew at all. I'm super impressed by that apron situation.

priest's wife said...

Have you gone through the archives on the LMLD blog (side bar)? You'll get plenty of laundry inspiration!

Miri said...

What a brilliant apron! I was confused for a second by the blue dot and then realised! Haha! Love the little laundry helper,too!

Debbie said...

Cute apron! That print is begging to be made into cookies. The baby is getting so big!