Saturday, February 02, 2013

how my brain works

1. See recipe for tofu-based chocolate mousse on pinterest.
2. Read recipe, decide it sounds okay but not interesting enough to try out.
3. A few days later, see packages of tofu at Trader Joe's.
4. Be unable to resist purchasing a package because the recipe has become stuck in subconscious.

Tofu face 
5. Come home, read recipe, then put chocolate chips and chocolate on your shopping list, because now you need to make chocolate mousse so the tofu doesn't spoil.


bethany actually said...

You don't already have chocolate chips in your house!? What is WRONG with you? Besides being allergic to sugar, I mean.

sarahgrace said...

Ahahahaha! That is totally somethings I would do... no, it's totally something I do on a regular basis! Hooray for mommy brain. ;-)

Inka said...

You know that I bought Quinoa for the same reason ?!

Ka said...

have you learned from your mother?