Saturday, January 26, 2013

unintentional blogging hiatus, thy name is Sonja

Things that happened but weren't blogged:
- my birthday
- Christmas Eve
- Christmas Day
- a cold that got everyone sick for the better part of two weeks (A friend had to go to the grocery store for me because too many of us were too sick to leave the house!)
- going to bed around 9pm on New Year's Eve
- goals for 2013 (I really do want to blog about those. Spoiler alert: not procrastinating is NOT one of my goals, because I wanted them to be realistic. I'm so proud of myself for that!)
- a really fun trip to the zoo
- a San Diego visit on the train
- going to Sea World
- the dishwasher breaking at a most inopportune time (though there really is no opportune time)
- lots of googling for chicken coop building plans
- Corbin getting sick again less than three weeks after getting over the above-mentioned cold


bethany actually said...

Noooooooo, no more sickness!

I'm pretty sure that "unintentional blogging hiatus" is also occasionally called "Bethany." But I'm happy to say that your blogging hiatuses don't bug me as much as they used to because I'm part of your actual life sometimes now. :-)

sarah doow said...


Yara said...

(I'm not feeling well.) Did you say Corbin caught a cold from a chicken coop? That's odd.