Saturday, December 15, 2012

putting the pro into procrastination

day 1
This year's advent calendar, wrapped the night of November 30th.
I've fallen off the frequent-blogging bandwagon, and if I had any free time to do so, I'd hang my head in shame. But as it turns out, I'm too busy getting ready to Do All The Things (aka procrastinating).
my special candle
I've had this candle holder for as long as I can remember - growing up, we each had a lit candle by our breakfast plates during Advent.
And what could be a better way to NOT do what needs to be done than blogging? Wait, don't answer that.
making memories/cookies
We made gingerbread boys!
Here's proof that I have done SOME Christmas baking. Noah was very excited to load those cookies up with icing and sprinkles of all kinds, while I was practicing my letting-go skills (which are so very necessary if you're cooking or baking with preschoolers, and also if you enjoy having areas in your house that are not covered in sticky, pink sugar-goo).
Noah also had a grand time playing ice cream shop with me - practically all the ice cream he sold was chocolate-flavored, regardless of color. That's my boy.
playing ice cream shop

Guess who's getting more and more mobile? He's getting better and better at rolling exactly where he wants to go, and he's very determined... the next six months are going to be pretty interesting!
Elliora turned two, so we went and celebrated. With cake, of course.
blowing out the candles
sunset 1
sunset view from Bethany's back yard
This is one of my favorite photos from that day. It gives me warm fuzzies.
seven months
This happened... which means I should probably start planning his first birthday party, right?!


Yara said...

1. I thought he was pouring glue on his cookie. Glad it was icing.
2. How did Corbin get so big?
3. I'm so bummed I missed Elliora's bash :(
4. I miss you.

Jamie SC said...

You did All The Things!!! (Love the picture of my Corby. 7 months!!!!)

Grace said...

Oh my goodness! Your boy is SO adorable I want to smooch all over his face. All. Over. Face.