Thursday, November 01, 2012


Every time we go to Germany, I think about how neat it would be if I could write a daily-ish blog post as a sort of travel journal. And without fail, every time we go to Germany, I don't. There are more important things to do when I'm there. Too bad that when I return, life is so busy with unpacking and general re-adjusting to home that I never get around to recapping our trip.

My little airplane sleepers... Lots of people are awed and shocked when they hear that I took two small children on an eleven-hour flight by myself, but it's actually not as torturous as it sounds. I make sure we have some entertainment - books, stickers, and little toys, and then we make the best of it. Thankfully, Noah has always traveled well, and Corbin was content enough on this flight as well.
Of course, it's still not fun. Going to the bathroom with a four-year-old crowded into the lavatory with you is one thing. Add holding a baby to that and you've got a real challenge - human tetris. (Most difficult part, for the record: re-buttoning my pants, which I accomplished by having Noah sit on the toilet lid while holding his brother.) I ate both meals on the way home while holding a squirmy, grabby-handed Corbin in my lap (possible only because we had the bulkhead seats).
Let's just say that by the time we land, we're eager to disembark.

We enjoyed fall in Germany. We had some cold, rainy days, but overall, it was mild and beautiful. We went for walks nearly every day. Noah collected sticks and leaves and conkers and explored mud and puddles and ponds.

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N said...

Tales of autumn seem so far away from me, and in a way they are now! I really like the last picture, even though I know it's the opposite of clean water, it looks surrealist.