Saturday, November 10, 2012

this happened

Corbin will be six months old on Monday, which is the official green light for "solid" food. I know a bunch of parents who don't get excited about this, but I'll admit it - I totally am. I like making the food, too.
There was a perfectly lovely avocado in my kitchen just pining to be eaten and I figured Corbin may as well get some of it. I pureed it in the vitamix and added in some breastmilk, bibbed Corbin and we were good to go.
looking eager
He got really excited! After the first bite, I realized I'd better take some photos, and while I was fiddling around trying to take a photo with my left hand, he impatiently grabbed my right hand and shoved the spoon into his mouth.
His enthusiasm lasted through four or five bites, after which he lost interest completely. Pretty good for a first meal!


Yara said...

I guess he was ready for some solids : )
Lorelei totally grabbed the spoon and helped herself the first time we let her have solids. I think I have pictures somewhere.

N said...

Wow those are really good shots for a left hand! :)