Wednesday, November 07, 2012

show and tell

We have a standing park play date with a homeschooling group on Wednesdays, and today, while our kids were wrestling and getting superbly dirty, someone made a comment about disaster preparedness. As that conversation continued, one thing led to another and I ended up getting my car emergency kit out of my trunk to show off and tell.getting prepared
Inside an old backpack in my trunk, I have:
- baby wipes
- bottled water
- safety vest
- tube tent in case we need shelter outside the car
- LED flare (It's super-fancy - it can morse-code-blink SOS!)
- hand-crank radio with flashlight
- emergency thermal blankets (these are super-thin foil that reflects body heat back to you)
Not pictured:
- glow sticks
- coast guard approved rations (that are probably quite unpalatable, but also small, portable, and non-perishable)
-socks and shoes for myself since I'm often out in flip flops
- an old baby carrier (my ring sling)
I also usually have a first aid kit, picnic blanket and a stroller in the trunk.

I purchased my supplies at REI, amazon, and Costco. Ideas for what to pack came from various check lists I read online and offline.

I have more supplies at home (barrels of water, among other things), and I'm wondering if we should own a generator.
Do you have an emergency kit? What's in it? Is there something obvious mine is missing?


zebrabelly said...

I have no emergency kit. Largely because I have nowhere to store everything. Largerly because I am lazy. Maybe you can help me make one. Because you have absolutely nothing else on your plate. Heh.

N said...

I have no emergency kit because with my luck (non-existant) I would probably need it the day it's not in the car... Just to illustrate, when we lived in Saskatchewan, in the middle of nowhere, I bugged my husband to buy a cellphone in case of an emergency. We never used it. Until the day that we were, again, in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire, two babies in the car and... out of range!!! (We ended up driving with the flat tire to the next town)