Friday, November 02, 2012

a forest that's black

While we were visiting my parents, we took a trip to the Black Forest. It was really beautiful (as it is wont to be).
We took several short hikes - they had to be short enough for Noah to be able to manage them, which was good for me, too, since I was carrying Corbin, and while he was easy enough to carry in the Ergo, I could tell I was schlepping an extra 15 pounds or so.
We had one day of torrential rain, which was beautiful in its own way (that is, watched from the warm, dry indoors while in good company), but it was mostly sunny and windy.
How cute are these toadstools?!! The meadows around the cabin were full of them. I got excited every time I spied another little group of them - they're just such cute, little guys! Too bad they're poisonous.
Noah really liked playing outside, even though he was initially not thrilled about going to the Black Forest. After some prodding, he told me that he really didn't want to go to a forest that was black! He likes his forests green, for the record. Once we'd explained that Black Forest was just the name of the forest and that it wasn't actually black, he was on board with the trip. My sweet big boy!


Carrie said...

I never realized that the red and white toadstool motif was based on real toadstools. I guess I just thought it was something someone randomly thought up. How cute are they? Super cute!

bethany actually said...

You used the word "wont." Most native English speakers can't use the word "wont" in a sentence correctly. Have I mentioned recently how much I adore you?

Anonymous said...

Those cute mushrooms explain a lot about Waldorf catalogs. I'd never even realized that I'd never seen such a mushroom in real life, but now my life feels lacking.

sarah doow said...

I hope you've introduced Noah to the wonders of Black Forest gateau too! Much yummier than the toadstools ;-)