Friday, September 14, 2012

in which I nurse the baby in a dentist's chair

Yesterday, Noah and I had dental appointments. I hadn't been to the dentist in about six-ish years (I KNOW!) and I'd never taken Noah. By the time he had enough teeth to warrant a dental check-up, Noah had entered a phase of shyness that I felt was incompatible with laying on his back in a dentist's chair and having masked and gloved people poke around in his open mouth.
But now it felt like his shyness was receding and I really wanted his teeth checked out, so off we went. He was quite apprehensive - he hid behind a chair while he was supposed to be watching me get my teeth cleaned and he was pretty monosyllabic when the dentist and hygienist tried to start a conversation with him. I was a bit concerned that he was hiding, but I was also encouraged because while the dentist tried to draw him out a bit, she was totally not pushy about talking or "helping count Mama's teeth."
After my teeth were clean, I went and got Corbin from the waiting room (my MIL was with him) because he was getting pretty fussy. We'd had to wake him up from a nap to get to the appointment on time, and it was taking longer than I'd hoped for, so he was getting hungry and tired.
It took some coaxing, but Noah eventually agreed to sit in the big chair, and while he was clearly not thrilled with what was happening, he was brave and cooperative. He got to hold and use the suction thingy (they call him Mr. Thirsty, haha), which he enjoyed. I had promised to stay close, so I actually sat on the bottom part of the chair, next to Noah's legs. And because Corbin was getting more and more unhappy and frantic, I nursed him while sitting there.
We had some fro-yo to celebrate our successes.

All in all a very successful appointment - nobody freaked out, nobody has any cavities (YAY!), the dentist was wonderfully gentle with my sensitive teeth when she cleaned them, and she didn't argue with me when I declined the fluoride treatment for Noah. It was so pleasant that I'm actually kind of looking forward to our next check-up.


Yara said...

Yay for no cavities.
My kids all had some dental work this year : /

You reminded me of when Lorelei was tiny, I used to nurse her in the dentist chair all the time (because I had braces).

sarah doow said...

Excellent mama multi-tasking!

sarahgrace said...

Sounds like a dentist appointment to be envious of! Last time we went, well... we ended up having to come back, and it was expensive. :(
But, that's what I get for waiting WAY too long to take my boys. It was a first for both of them at ages 7 and 9. You can tell how much I like the dentist...