Wednesday, May 09, 2012

pottering around

I had four friends team up and throw me a (totally awesome) babyshower (more on that later). Almost as soon as they started planning, I started thinking about obsessing over personal, meaningful yet funny thank you gifts. What do you give someone that says "Thank you for throwing me a party and thank you for being a good friend, I'm glad to know you. Love you!"?!
Enter dottery!
(I managed to paint three mugs one afternoon and then went back to paint the fourth on another day.)
For Yara, who we know is not crazy even though her mother never had her tested.

For Jen, who is Good at Parties, which is an unexplainable inside joke.
For Bonnie, who now has all the answers (and who carries a towel).
For Jamie - morning inspiration.
While I was painting these mugs, it occurred to me to also paint one for my doula-slash-friend. She's been incredibly helpful throughout this pregnancy, and I wanted to make her a little something to thank her for going above and beyond. I googled for a pithy quote about doula-ing but wasn't quite happy with what I could find. Things were either too cheesy or too political or too pithy.
Inspiration struck when I was walking through Ikea and this song was playing. It made me think of her, so I picked my favorite line and painted it on a swirly mug.
A good life philosophy, I think.

While I worked on the last two mugs, Noah painted this tile. Of course, that took just about 20 minutes (front and back), then he colored for 10 minutes, and then Laura, who worked at the pottery studio that day, read books to him for a good 30 or 40 minutes so I could finish. I love my pottery studio! Yay for small businesses!

(Some of the mug photos (mugshots?!) show the mugs before firing because I FORGOT to get photos of the finished products. *sigh*)

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