Saturday, May 05, 2012

life lessons

This morning, Noah helped clear the table after breakfast. As he carried the (almost full, quart-sized) bottle of maple syrup back into the kitchen, I reminded him to hold on to it with both hands and not to drop it. "If that falls, it'll make a colossal mess and Mama will probably cry for hours." I said.
About three minutes later, this photo was taken. I dropped the syrup my very own self when I attempted to help Noah put it back into the fridge.
The fridge door was open.
Noah was standing right there.
The inside of the fridge was splattered.
Noah's socks were splattered.
The front door and the door mat were splattered.
The walls in the entryway were splattered.
The drawers, the door frame, the stove, the baseboards... you get the idea.
I stared at the slowly spreading puddle in shock, considering purchasing a nice, new house and moving. Meanwhile, The Husband carried Noah to the bathroom and showered off his lower half.
And then we cleaned.
I didn't cry, but I'm not sure I'll ever be able to purchase or enjoy consuming maple syrup again.

Also, this happened:
That's a semi-terrible photo of the inside of my dryer.

On Friday, as I was busy making beds, my house suddenly started smelling like it was on fire. "Alarming!" I thought, and ran around trying to figure out where the smell was coming from. Not the heater, not the back yard (could have been my overzealous grilling neighbor!), not the oven or the microwave... the DRYER! I turned it off, but that's as far as I could think.
As I dashed around the house opening windows, I tried to figure out what to do next. Call the fire department? There was no fire. But the smell! (Too bad there's not a fire smell department - this would've been right up their alley.) I called my husband. Who didn't pick up his phone or his other phone.
When he called me back half an hour later, I played the "I'm nine months pregnant" card and told him that dealing with a dryer fire was far too stressful for me and that he needed to come home. Now. Which he did. He removed handfuls of lint from the vent pipe, but we decided that we still needed a professional to come out and have a look at the dryer. Fire is scary, and our dryer is in the kitchen in a sort of tight spot. If it caught on fire, our whole house would most likely burn down.
Two appliance service people came today, took the front panel off the dryer, and showed us where the lint that had built up around the outside of the drum had actually burned. Look at the photo - to the right of those linty, red wires in the center, you see the blackened lint. Scary stuff.
The dryer has been hooked up for a good five years - apparently, it's best to clean the vent pipe more often than every five years.
Buying a shop vac was cheaper than paying the appliance people to clean the dryer and vent pipe, so guess who got an early Father's Day present today?!


Yara said...

Oh my God! I'm so glad you were home & smelled the burning lint & turned off the fire, because... scary!
Also, I feel I should have my husband move the dryer & clean all the lint now, just in case. Renting a new house would be hard if the reason for moving was 'accidentally burned down previous house'

Maple syrup... not cool. Not cool at all.

Carrie said...

Holy cow! I am so glad you smelled the dryer before it turned into a tragedy.

Sounds like a very stressful couple of day!

bethany actually said...

Oh man...spilled maple syrup and dryer lint catching on fire are two things that should DEFINITELY not happen to 9-months-pregnant people. I'm so sorry, and am glad you caught the fire before it was a serious problem!

We had a similar spilled-maple-syrup incident not long ago. And before that Troy dropped a whole container of coffee creamer and then slipped and fell on our hard tile floor while cleaning it up. OUCH.