Monday, May 21, 2012

Houston, we've got a pee-er

looking like his brother for a change
While we were in the hospital, Corbin repeatedly managed to pee on the nurses during diaper changes. One nurse got sprayed all the way up to her glasses!

I haven't changed many diapers myself, seeing how I'm recovering from my two major surgeries, but he's peed on the changing table on my watch twice. Until this morning, that is...
We had an appointment with the pediatrician and I wanted to give Corbin a sponge-bath beforehand, since he was starting to smell a bit (and I wanted to make a good impression). I got him naked on the changing table, and as soon as the diaper came off, he peed. I covered the fountain with a blanket and congratulated myself on my preparedness.
Corbin was not at all fond of his sponge bath, and before I had a chance to finish, he peed again. This time, I was completely taken by surprise (having assumed he was, you know, empty), AND he managed to get my pants wet.
At the doctor's office, when the nurse weighed him before the exam, he peed yet again - soaking not only the pad on the scale, but also his torso, neck, and face.
Good thing I bathed him before we went.


Annika said...

Well, I guess you don't have to worry about whether he is properly hydrated. #brightside

(Did I just hashtag your comments? Why yes, I think I did.)

CC said...

I was thinking the same thing as Annika!

Yara said...

He wet your pants! Hi five, Corbin! Lqtm : )
Also, he's so cute you can't even be upset that henpeed on you. He peed. No hens.

Debbie said...

At least you know he's drinking enough!

sarah doow said...

Barely born and already Corbin has a party trick!

sarahgrace said...

Haha! Sounds like you may be in need of some of these:

I remember Drew and Beau peeing on their own heads several times... I miss those days... ;-)

Inka said...

Are you pissed now? :D