Sunday, April 08, 2012


our colors
This year, we dyed eggs with kool-aid. After two years of rather unsuccessful attempts with natural dyes, this was fun and gave us vibrantly colored eggs. Color me happy!
(If you click on the photo, it'll take you to flickr where I've added notes about which flavors correspond to which colors.)
I found the idea here.

This morning, we went to a sunrise service at our church. It was held outside and felt woodsy and campy and intimate, and made me glad I'd forced myself (and my family) out of bed at 5:45.
Later on, Noah had his own little egg hunt in our yard. He got a starter bucket of small legos - they fit into eggs really well. (Note that lollipops and quadrilla pieces do NOT fit into eggs, but are presents that excite Noah anyway.)
More photos are on flickr, as usual. You just have to be my contact to see them. Happy Easter, friends!


bethany actually said...

Oh, I bet your backyard is FANTASTIC for an Easter-egg hunt. :-)

Also, your blog tagline makes me smile and love you a little more each time I read it.

sarah doow said...

Having tasted Koolaid one time, it's not really surprising (though still somewhat alarming) that the drink can dye eggs such vibrant colours. They're very pretty though!