Wednesday, February 22, 2012

tour de San Diego

Last week, Noah and I loaded up the car and drove (and drove and drove) to San Diego. It was one of those days when California went way overboard with The Pretty. I found myself tempted to adjust the rear view mirror so I could gawk at the mountains as I was leaving home. It had rained the day before, but now sky was bright blue, and dramatic little clouds were clinging to the peaks of the snow-covered mountains. Then, when we got to the ocean, there was more Pretty (this time, I pulled over to take photos):
windy self-portrait
Our next stop was the Wannabe Hippie Estate. Noah was extremely excited about feeding the chickens:
Elaine's chickens
all photos stolen from Elaine's flickr stream - thank you

After we fed the chickens and visited with the humans for a while, we headed out toward Crowderland, where our kids gleefully celebrated their reunion with the traditional Screaming And Running Around.
The next morning started with bacon and pancakes...
 ... and continued with a hike at Torrey Pines State Reserve, where California dazzled us with The Pretty once again.

more windy self-portraiture

 After our hike, we hid in the trunks of our cars to eat lunch (it was windier than we'd expected), and then headed down to the beach.
Twenty-eight weeks, you guys! Time is going by fast.
The boys had to climb.
And because that hadn't been enough fun yet, our next stop was a sunny playground where we met up with Elaine and her girls.
And then we pretty much fell into bed exhausted. Except for the part where Bonnie and I accidentally stayed up past midnight talking and giggling. We made up for that by staying in our PJs until 11 the next morning, lingering over breakfast/coffee and doing more talking and giggling.
TARDItional hostess gifts?!
I made Bonnie a TARDIS pillowcase as a hostess gift. And because I'm not the only nerdy crafter between the two of us, she had made me a TARDIS pottery ornament. It was an unintentional TARDIS-exchange. <3
It took us all weekend (and beyond) to sleep off all the fun we had, but it was so worth it. Thank you for having us, friends!


sarahgrace said...

See... this is why I (well, we) need to move to California. It's gorgeous all the time and I could hang out with all you lovely people! :)

bethany actually said...

The only thing stopping me from UTTER BURNING JEALOUSY is the fact that I am moving back there in sixish months.