Thursday, February 09, 2012

mood lifter

The last couple of days have been Not So Easy. Jetlag, heartburn, laundry piles, jetlag, a new tendency to whine (not all mine), hormones, jetlag, jetlag, dealing with a jetlagged child, hormones...

Venting is good, but dwelling on The Not-Good Stuff makes it worse, so here's a list of things (in no particular order) that are good:

1. Friends. Who listen and sympathize and share their own struggles.

2. A child who says the funniest things. (The other day, we were walking along and he stopped, lifted up his right leg, and twisted his foot. "Mama? This foot... it didn't get any food at breakfast!")

3. A husband who doesn't take it personally when baby hormones combine with jet lag to make you cranky.

4. Sunshine. Trees and leaves and flowers and clouds. Things that are blooming.

5. Making things. Learning (again) how to knit a heel on a sock.

this one reminds me of Shaun the Sheep

6. Driving with the windows rolled down, with sing-along-able music on the radio.

7. The vanilla-roibos tea I bought at Mountain Rose Herbs.

8. Newly organized kitchen storage. (On Sunday, I accidentally pushed a jar of pepper out of the crowded spice cabinet, which inspired me to clean and reorganize the whole shelf. And then that streak continued with the pantry and The Scary Drawer on Tuesday.)

9. Realizing that I feel completely comfortable ignoring the unfolded laundry. It'll eventually get folded - until then, it blends right into the visual fabric of my house.

10. Being mostly over the jetlag and back in our own time zone. Nine hours are a big difference, and jetlag-tiredness is like a drug.

You? What is chasing the shadows from your life?

(Even though this doesn't follow the {phfr} format, it is all about contentment, so I'm linking up at Like Mother, Like Daughter.)


Annika said...

Pregnant bellies!

bethany actually said...

Honestly? All I got right now is that it's almost bedtime. I'm sure in a day or two I'll find something else to be happy about. :-/ I'm glad you're over the jetlag!

Sascha said...

reading your blog!!!!! :-)