Monday, February 27, 2012


Two weeks ago, my (one and only) fitting pair of maternity jeans started to slowly rip right next to the back pocket. It looked totally fine when they were off me, but the rip was pretty obvious when they were on me. I had hoped to make it to capri-pants season without having to purchase another pair of jeans, but in this case - with my unmentionables peeking through - I went and bought a new pair.

Once again properly attired, I started to think about what I'd do with the old pair. I remembered seeing a tutorial on messy jean-patching on some blog somewhere (of course I can't find the link now) and figured I'd give it a try. Basically, you sew a patch behind the rip and sew some crazy zig-zags to attach it. Messy and fun.
on my backside
on my backside
It was quick and easy AND it gave my pants new life! I'm pretty pleased with myself. I now sort of wish I had used a differently-colored thread so the mending would be more visible. Maybe next time...


bethany actually said...

*wolf whistle*

Also, the stitching is really fun!

Carrie said...

How fun!

N said...

How did you take a picture of your backside? ;)

Grace said...

That is seriously impressive. And I'm not just talking about your backside!
Do you mend little boy jeans and can you be here by 8am tomofrow?