Thursday, December 01, 2011

rambly bullets!

This has not been the Best Week Ever, so I've been reduced to bullet blogging.
  • I'm blogging from my shiny new laptop (which of course is awesome and NOT part of the not-the-best-week-ever thing), so until I figure out some photo-related stuff, there are no photos. Sorry.
  • I had a chiropractic adjustment yesterday. It involved a lot of massage and only gentle cracking (oxymoron?), but I'm really sore now and have come to the conclusion that I need to break up with chiropracting in general. The idea of someone pretzel-ing me into a strange position and the pushing until my bones pop is just not palatable to me. Part of the paperwork I filled out was an "informed consent" form that mentioned a risk of fractures and paralysis... very unreassuring, frankly. Plus, when I got a massage (that ONE time I got one), I actually felt better afterwards. This has been a full 24 hours of soreness that's actually worse than the back pain I had when I went in. FAIL. (Though I'm neither fractured nor paralyzed, so yay.)
  • I've started taking a low-impact water aerobics class at a center that mostly does therapy-related stuff for people with disabilities. They have a pool and their classes are open to the (paying, but not much) community. It's a good (though a bit slow) pace for me (right now, ask me again in two months - I'm sure I'll be huffing and puffing when the baby gets bigger), and my fellow water-exercisers are really nice. Now when I tell the nosy nurses that I exercise twice a week it's not a lie anymore! Yay!
  • It's December! Today, Noah got verrry excited about his advent calendar (of which I will show you a photo soon, I promise). So excited, in fact, that he asked me at least once each hour if it was "tomorrow" now and he could open another gift. I hope this tapers off as December goes on!
  • Another reason why today hasn't been awesome: My friend is closing her store. I worked there for a while (actually longer than I stayed at any other job!), and it has always felt like it was my store, too. So I'm sort of heartbroken about it. I'd love to buy it, but this is not the time in my life to take on such a huge endeavor. Also, I know that I'd be a terrible mother and wife if I owned that (or possibly any other) store, AND I'd never be as good as a store owner as my friend has been. I wish I could just win the lottery for her.
  • Mommy Guilt Moment of the day: I wasn't feeling great (sore back, sad etc.), so I was in bed with my laptop while Noah played in his room. That is until he came in and asked me if I could call his grandma to see if she had time to come and play with him. Ouch.
That, I think, is it. Happy beginning of December.


Jamie said...

good ramblies. You're baking him the best toy of all.

bethany actually said...

Jamie's right. Noah may not want to be Brother just yet, but wait till that baby is born and is a little older. Annalie has been (mostly) enraptured with her sister since the day she was born, but now that Elliora is getting to the age where they can actually *play* it's awesome to see what fun they can have together.

Hooray for non-imaginary exercise! I always used to say, "Oh yes, I walk every day," which is totally true.

Carrie said...

I love water aerobics! I haven't done them in years since I am not willing to pay $120/month to join the gym with the pool and it's the only place that also has babysitting, but I miss them.

It's hard to mother while pregnant. As long as he's fed, I'd count that as a success. You're just teaching him independence, right? ;-)

Yara said...

If you never mention it again, I'm sure Noah most likely won't remember the one day you didn't play with him.
And soon enough, that new baby will be so much fun and the kids will be playing together & they might not even want to leave their room to see if you're still alive.
Oh wait... this isn't about me. Sorry : )

I wish we had a secret underground (and nicely finished) tunnel between our houses. Then Noah could just come & play with Kevin & the girls all day.