Sunday, December 04, 2011

7 Sachen

I'm jumping on the 7 Sachen* bandwagon - an idea from the lovely Frau Liebe. Every Sunday (or sometimes Monday), 7 photos of things I used my hands for that day.
Unfortunately, I didn't remember the project until late this afternoon, so more than half the day went undocumented.

 Baked gingerbread boys with my human boy. (Turned out delicious if a little spicy. Hello, Cardamom!)
Rinsed a lot of dishes, which makes me grateful for my dishwasher - at least it does most of the work!
Stroked my growing belly.
Tried on every sweater I own, found out that not a single one is long enough for me AND baby to wear it.
Played some Christmas music on the piano.
Harvested one of the little mandarins from our little mandarin tree. My tasters tell me it was delicious.
Lit the second candle on the advent wreath. Christmas is going to be here and gone before we know it!

* 7 Sachen is German for "7 things."


Sue said...

What a beautiful picture if the growing belly!
Warm greetings from across the border,

bethany actually said...

I'm so sad that you couldn't eat that mandarin. They're tasty.

If I knew where my fuchsia maternity cardigan was, I would send it to you, because it was awesome. But it's gone missing and that makes me sad because it was awesome.