Wednesday, November 16, 2011

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~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~

Apple peels from my apple pie making. My little helper happily munched on these (all the vitamins etc. are right under the peel you know!) while I cored and cut the apples.


Sharing my third of the apple harvest from our back yard with my little buddy. It was delicious.
(And yes, his hands were clean. His fingernails tell the story of a boy who likes to dig (and whose nails need a trim).)


Around here, we usually have one or two thunderstorms each year. One of those moved through the area last weekend, and Noah was more or less terrified and finally hid in bed with his hands covering his ears. No cajoling or explaining could get those hands off his ears, so I just settled in bed with him and held him, and he actually fell asleep. It was around 6pm and he hadn't had any dinner, so I was really surprised, but the "never wake a sleeping baby" rule is one of my favorites (and while he's not technically a baby anymore, that rule will apply to him forever as far as I'm concerned).
Thankfully, he slept until morning (rather than waking up hungry in the middle of the night), and husband and I got to enjoy dinner and a movie. Impromptu thunderstorm date? Yes, please! :)
This photo simultaneously makes me laugh and breaks my heart a little. I guess that's motherhood for you.

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bethany actually said...

Intellectually, I understand someone fearing a thunderstorm---noisy, flashes of light, etc.---but I still shake my head in wonderment. It's an AWESOME THUNDERSTORM to me. I cannot fear them, even when I probably should. They just fill me with joy.

The Wild Optimist said...

I love your apple pictures! They are nicely accompanied by your comments. As for Noah, some of my best sleeping happens during rainy nights- maybe this will be a gift to him, too. Happy Thanksgiving!

*kate said...

I love your apple pictures! And what a sweetie sleeping after the storm - so adorable :)

Yara said...

1. You made me want pie
2. I thought that was just the way little boy fingers were supposed to look... ; )
3. I like Noah's panda
4. Thunder kinda scares me, too,

Anonymous said...

Lovely post Sonj!

Haus Frau said...

I'm going to ditto what Yara said. ;)

Kelly @ In Everything said...

Awe... sweet and sad pic of him with his ears covered!!

Fun apple peel picture;)

Leila said...

So sweet! I am glad he didn't wake up! :)