Monday, November 14, 2011

more pie

I took home two (raw) pie crusts on Saturday, intending to make apple pies. I wasn't feeling great yesterday, so I put the project off until today.
What made the pie-ing more challenging was that my apple pie recipe requires a second crust for a lid, so I needed to make more pie crust.
Next, I made a mistake measuring the shortening and was forced to add almost a whole cup of extra flour, leaving me with enough crust for an additional pie.
ready for the oven
Ironically, I actually ended up using both crusts from Saturday for the same pie, making my whole crust-making extravaganza obsolete (it was fun though, and I do have three pies rather than one, so I don't have terrible regrets here). I made my crust with whole wheat flour (which may have been part of the issue?!), and I decided to go with one-color pies rather than a funky white pie with a brown lid.
One of the best parts of Saturday's pie party was that I came home to a kitchen that didn't look like the above. Sticky dishes, ingredients, apple peels, crumbs stuck to the counter and a sink full of dishes... I was actually surprised that I managed to clean up the whole mess within the first 20 minutes of baking time.
And an hour or so later, the counter looked like that. Win!


sarah doow said...

You need some kind of pie crust crown.

Carrie said...

How do the whole wheat crusts taste?

You are a pie samurai!