Tuesday, November 22, 2011

G is for Girl with Greencard (with Giveaway)

I'm so excited to be part of Brenda's (aka Secret Agent Josephine) super-stealthy book tour! Brenda has  written and illustrated three beautiful kid's books!
I have a tendency to be picky, and I'm certainly picky about which books are on Noah's shelves (and not only because I'm the one who gets to read them over and over and over again). These three have my stamp of approval.
stealthy reader
They're a good read-aloud length, and there are plenty of chances for Noah to help me read - he can recognize some of the letters, and he loves to tell me what each letter is for. And thanks to the letter 'N', he now knows what a newt is (he guessed salamander and gecko first... much to my amusement).
"Bo biddly bum bum?! HAHAHA!"
The illustrations are, as you may expect, charming and whimsical and funny (typical Brenda). The books are colorful and playful and funny, which makes them a hit with kids (and parents).
As a matter of fact, Noah liked them so much that I bought numbers as an ebook for my iPod. So far, I have kept that a secret from Noah - I'm not great at sharing my overpriced electronics with a (well-intentioned, usually careful, though often sticky-handed) three-year-old. I have some doctor's appointments coming up though, so when the waiting room gets boring, Noah will get to read Numbers on the iPod. I'm sure he'll love it just as much as I do.

If you know anything about being a secret agent, you know that disguises are of the utmost importance. Not to worry - Brenda's got you covered with printable, cut-out-able, stick-on-able mustaches of all colors and shapes! Click here to download! The green tea brews in tranquility. You know how I feel about mustaches...
har, har, haaaaar!
 Add a few accessories and fly completely under the radar!
trying hard not to laugh
Now here's your to-do list:
1. Leave a comment on this post to enter the giveaway for a beautiful print from the ABC book. Tell me which disguise you couldn't do without on a secret spy mission.
Comments are going to close on November 30th, and I'll randomly pick a winner on December 1st.

2. Click over here to buy one or all of Brenda's books! (They make great Christmas presents, too.) If you've already done that, consider leaving a review.

Brenda's amazon author page with links to paperback and kindle editions of all three books

ABCs on iTunes
Colors on iTunes
Numbers on iTunes

paperback and nook editions of the books at Barnes & Noble

3. Download the template for the mustaches, print, cut, and go under cover! If you take a photo of your mustachioed self, I'd love to see it - why don't you upload it to flickr and add it to the SAJ's Undercover Crafts pool?!

4. Keep checking Brenda's site so you don't miss any of the stops on the super-stealthy book tour! Remember, there's a special give-away for those of you who collect all the secret code sentences. And of course, there'll be lots more stealthy crafts and giveaways and interviews with Brenda!

5. Cuddle up and read a book to your little secret agents!


bethany actually said...

Hee hee, I love the stealthy Noah-reading photo! And in that last shot of him with the hat, trying not to laugh, he looks startlingly like his mama!

I could not do without my shades. Mostly because I hate it when the sun gets in my eyes. ;-P

Yara said...

I don't always have a disguise handy, except for my big shades. I do always have my spIPhone at the ready.

Madge said...

I LOVE the "trying hard not to laugh" picture. Noah is adorable!

Snowfairy said...

If I was a spy ( and perhaps I am but I couldn't say) I'd definitely need a flasher mac.

Robin said...

I'm going to advocate for the spy trench.

Christy said...

I have to have shades and a hat.

Unknown said...

I need my scarf. You can drape it around your head/neck or use it as a rope in emergencies!

erohde said...

Every spy needs a few good wigs to make those quick changes.

Annabet said...

Every spy needs a mustache!

Aspenroad said...

I couldn't do without a cool pair of sunglasses!

kalliejenn81 said...

couldn't do without a secret spy moustache! so cute!

Liz said...

So cute! Every spy needs a good wig or hat.

Becca said...

Over here we are going with the disguish every spy needs is a jacket and an eye patch.

Jennifer said...

I think the disguise I couldn't go without is a wig.

ioi said...

A wig and some shades... and you'd never know who I was!

Sarra Elisabeth said...

A big brimmed hat and a large pair of shades.