Friday, October 28, 2011

{pretty, happy, funny, real}

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~


The last (good) strawberries of this season meet the first (good) apples of the next season. Yum.


A little dottery bowl I painted for Bethany with lyrics from the Scrubs musical. Basically, it's a flying-your-geek-flag way of saying "Hey, I'm glad you're my friend."

More pottery - Noah drew a sun with pencil (which burns off in the kiln), I traced it, and then he added fingerprint dots. I'm currently having a love affair with eating black bean soup out of this bowl.


We bought Noah some cute froggy rainboots. He LOVES them so much that he's been wearing them every time we leave the house, including when he's wearing shorts and a tee because it's over 90 degrees out (fall in So Cal is a little... warmish sometimes).
On this particular morning, we had a breakfast date with my BIL and SIL who were visiting from Texas. On our way out the door, Noah decided to accessorize with his sunglasses and this shiny green necklace he'd gotten as a party favor months ago (and not played with or looked at in a long time). He found the dandelion in the front yard.
Great sense of style, no?!


Farm work is easier when you have a tractor... We harvested our butternuts (and one of the last bell peppers of the season) a few days ago. Noah was delighted to help.
(The makeshift fence on the right is protecting our freshly seeded grass.)

Pretty, happy, funny, real is the brainchild of these ladies here, who are encouraging their reader to find contentment in the everyday perfection and imperfection of life.


sarah doow said...

I love Noah's bowl - pottery seems such a nice way to make practical mementos of childhood, or events. One day I shall get to a pottery painting studio myself ...

Yara said...

We need to have Lisa & Noah wear their frog boots together : )

Bethanne said...

That fruit salad looks wonderful and I think the bowls are lovely. Thanks for sharing.

bethany actually said...

I ♥ my bowl. It's excellent for soup or ice cream or cereal.

Also, that last photo? Golden hour FTW!

JennyBean said...

Love this post - the fruit, the boots, the butternut, and particularly the dottery. I want to let my geek flag fly, too! :)

Lisa said...

Oh, I LOVE your bowls! And the tractor picture! And, yes I think he has a good sense of style, too!

Melissa Haworth said...

LOVE the bowls!