Friday, October 07, 2011

our epic road trip, part 2

On day 3, we packed up early and headed back towards civilization. Our first stop was the (very busy with Sunday visitors) General Grant Tree, which is the second-largest sequoia.
first glimpse of General Grant
Those giant sequoias are really impressive, but it's hard (bordering on impossible with my photo equipment) to actually capture their hugeness in a picture. As a matter of fact, it's hard to grasp just how tall those trees are even when you're standing right in front of them. Impressive, as I said.
Giant Sequoia
Noah included for scale (and cuteness) - he is 37 inches tall (about 94 cm) and very cute.

When you "hike" to the Grant tree, the paved trail leads you by a fallen tree that can be walked through, which Noah really enjoyed.*

Noah inside the fallen tree

The next stop on our Tour de Sequoia National Park was Montecito Lake, which was pretty and pleasantly deserted. I'm not a fan of crowds, and we encountered quite a few people since we were visiting famous spots on a Sunday.
Montecito Lake 
While all of the famous trees are fenced off, the less famous ones are more accessible, so we stopped at the side of the road and explored for a bit.
lighting is a challenge
bad lighting, but one big tree!
 Stay tuned for the next installment - the one with the bear!

*While the hike-y side of me rolls her eyes at paved hiking trails, the until-recently stroller-pushing side of me as well as the side that highly approves of making things wheelchair-accessible applauds the paved trail. Yay for being accommodating!


Yara said...

I've got to say, Noah is a lot cuter than the tree.

bethany actually said...

The paving probably makes sense from an ecological standpoint too, since SO many people walk those paths. Paving them probably helps prevent erosion or impaction of the soil or something like that.

Jen said...

Next time you need to come over the mountain to see the really big trees by us. Less tourists, just as many huge trees.

Plus, there is me. That should be reason enough.