Friday, September 02, 2011


I realize this isn't a white horse, but it was the only horse photo I found in my flickr stream.
Every time I vacuum, I think of this story my grandpa used to tell about his time in the military. Today, I finally remembered to fact-check the story with my mom.
When my grandpa was a young man in the military, he had a white horse that was extremely difficult to clean. To see if the horses had been cleaned well enough, an officer (no idea what rank) touched each horse while wearing a white glove. My grandpa got in trouble because his horse wasn't clean enough, so he had the awesome idea to vacuum his horse. The horse apparently had no problem with this treatment (or at least didn't run off). The vacuumed white horse was so clean that my grandpa was commended for his excellent work.
And then later, when the truth about the vacuuming came out, he was punished.


Yara said...

So, your grandpa vacuumed horses?

sarah doow said...

Kudos to your grandpa, I say. My friend learned the hard way though that you can't use a Dustbuster on a cat. Unless maybe you're wearing full body armour.

Christina LMT said...

He wasn't commended for his ingenuity and initiative? Typical military response!