Wednesday, August 31, 2011

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I've been a little photo-lazy this past week, so I actually had to dig deeper into my pictures folder for this post. Earlier this month, I spent a lovely almost-whole-weekend in San Diego with a bunch of wonderful friends. We had a giggly slumber party and went on a photo-walk (among other things) the next day. This is one of the photos I took of the Hotel Del Coronado.


A little while ago, Noah decided that he should pour his own juice. And because I like to encourage him in his quest for independence while also avoiding the potential of 2 liters of juice spilled all over the fridge/kitchen/child, I bought him a manageably-sized pitcher (from Montessori services). I fill it with half-juice-half-water, put it on the low shelf in the fridge, and then he pours himself his juice when he wants it. He gets to do it by himself, I get to not be bothered by juice-requests, and as a bonus, the excitement over the pitcher is making Noah drink more fluids. The pitcher is making both of us happy.


Conversation this morning:
me: "Noah, do you want to pet a goat when we get to the zoo?"
later, in the petting zoo
Noah: "Mama, can you carry me?"
He warmed up to the idea of the (really large!) animals milling about when he realized that they were quite docile, and brushed this goat very carefully.


Earlier this summer, I froze some smoothie in popscicle molds (genius, right?!). This one was in the freezer for a while (too long), and the parts of the smoothie became un-blended. As you can see, there were some berries and juice as well as some spinach involved in the smoothie-making.
Thankfully, Noah didn't mind - he actually thought it was exciting. "I ate ice cream with two sides today, Papa!"
(Just FTR, the smoothie-scicles we ate soon after freezing them were uniform. I didn't realize until now that frozen liquids separate. Live and learn.)

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bethany actually said...

Huh. I didn't know that about frozen liquids separating either.

Anonymous said...

That little pitcher thingy is pure genius. Getting people drinks drives me nutty!

sarah doow said...

Dude, things move about even when they're frozen? That's craaazy!

*kate said...

We have the same problem with animals - they turn out to be much bigger in real life and therefore rather intimidating ;-) I'm glad he warmed up to them while you were there.
I would guess the popcicle seperation is from your freezer's defrost cycle, its the same reason ice cubes will vanish from the trays.

Linny said...

I've been trying to find a pitcher for my Little Shaver as he's been expressing his desire for independence as well! Don't worry--you're not the only mom doing half juice and half water! Thanks for the link to the pitcher!

Deirdre said...

Aw, the pitcher is so cute!