Wednesday, August 24, 2011

{pretty, happy, funny, real}

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~


I like the way the dew pearls on the edges of my butternut leaves. BTW, I've harvested my first butternut squashes, and they're delicious.


My little kitchen helper. Cheese-grating is not a new skill, but it still makes him happy and proud to contribute to a meal.


We took a bike ride into town for dinner tonight. Here's what Noah and I did to pass the time while Papa was inside getting us food. I finally got a basket fitted to the front of my bike at the local bike shop this week (it was difficult because my lamp is in the way), so we were able to put our food in my basket and ride to the park to eat. So much fun!


Oh, this kitchen cabinet. My kitchen is small, and I've resigned myself to the fact that this cabinet is doomed to being in this state. When I buy something new (say I'm almost out of cocoa and buy a new box), I do some creative rearranging to fit cram it in. My spices are stacked on top of each other, I have to take the raisins and the honey out if I need to get to the coconut oil (huge-and-thusly-cheaper container), and if I buy one more kind of vinegar (I seem to be trying out a lot of recipes that call for a specific kind of vinegar) we may have to move into a larger home.
You know what though? It might not be ideal, but it's okay.
(That "Really Raw" honey, BTW, is the bomb. Best honey ever.)

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ayearinskirts said...

Love your post!!! And love seeing my Noah!

bethany actually said...

I like this. I like it so much I think I shall write a quick blog post with my unexpected half-hour of baby-free time. But first I'll comment:

pretty: I wish I could taste your butternut squash. And that is not a eupehmism.

happy: Annalie still does not like grating cheese. I can't say I blame her; it's not my favorite task either. I'm glad Noah likes it though.

funny: I am sure Noah's conversation to go along with these funny faces was even better than the photos.

real: That cabinet is a marvel of Tetris'd condiments and spices. Where does one acquire "Really Raw" honey? I guess it probably really wouldn't make a difference to me, though. I still don't like honey much. (I tolerate it in herbal tea and like it on sopaipillas. Otherwise I have no use for it, except sweetening Sonja-safe brownies of course.)

Raindrops and Daisies said...

My cupboards are all like that
isn't everyone's???? !!!!

Love the post and the photos.


Yara said...

Damn. I thought you were gonna talk about how nice your cabinet looked.
Hey look! A lizard is in your kitchen!
(did the distraction work?)

Sonja said...

Bethany, my Sprouts carries the Really Raw honey. I bet Henry's would have it too, or perhaps Whole Foods?

Rosie said...

What a pretty picture of the dew! And I love the funny faces on the bike. Looks like fun!

Grace said...

Love your photos.:)

Mary said...

Hi Sonja, thanks for stopping by my blog. A child-size broom is a good idea! I feel your frustration with the kitchen cabinets, especially the spices. It actually looks pretty organized for everything you have crammed in there! I saw your "caterparty" on your sidebar. We did the same theme for our son's first birthday, but I didn't think of putting holes in all the fruit! Haha that's awesome. This was Anthony's if you are interested:

Lauren S. said...

OMG Yara! It's like a Where's Waldo? Can you find Sonja's sneaky kithen lizard? hahaha! And, um, yeah, your cabinet is lookin' pretty good there my friend. Nice to see Noah. Miss you guys!