Saturday, August 13, 2011

craft quickies

We had a wedding to go to today, and while I had done my fair share of thinking about the gift, I stopped thinking about it when we decided to give cash. It wasn't until it was practically time to leave that we realized that we had cash, but not a card to put it into.
So I made one. BAM! I was so pleased with myself!

And then, later that afternoon, I made a bird bath! I did some googling and then used a terracotta pot and saucer I had in the garage. Five minutes, zero dollars. I like projects like that.
(Just ignore the dead-looking plant in the background. It's hibernating.) (No, really. It is.)


Jamie said...

nice job!

Annika said...

You're so crafty!

Yara said...

Guess who is gonna check craigslist & freecycle for a terra cotta planter & saucer? Cuz, you know, my cute little fountain was left behind in Riverside.

bethany actually said...

Did you cut out that wedding cake yourself? Because if you did, I will be REALLY impressed.

I made a similar birdbath once with a plastic tray and a tomato cage stuck in the ground. Then I planted honeysuckle to grow up around the cage. Hooray for birdbath hacks!