Friday, June 24, 2011

sanity, saved

blurry but hilarious
Tuesday night, I had a chance to get away and meet my friend Jen for dinner. Taking a break from mom-ing makes the actual mom-ing more fun the next day, ya know?!
Jen is a good listener and a good talker and also pretty funny. She also happened to have the above-pictured nosey-things in her purse (they're nose-pieces for Jen's daughter's upcoming dental work, sent home by the dentist to play practice with). Much hilarity ensued.
I also managed to snap a pretty cool self-portrait for 7days while waiting in front of the restaurant. The setting sun was really intense, and I'm happy with how I captured it:


Yara said...

: )

bethany actually said...

Jen has helped save my sanity many, many times. She's good like that.

SAJ said...

mine too.