Tuesday, May 03, 2011


So, this happened today:
hanging out by the basket with the cookbooks
When we were saying goodbye to some friends who'd come to visit, a lizard ran into the house through the wide-open front door (note to self: get screen doors). When I tried to chase it back outside, it ran across Noah's feet underneath the fridge. Figuring that there was no way I could get to it, I put Noah down for an overdue nap.

Enjoy my naptime tweets:

  • So... THEORETICALLY, what would you do if a lizard had just run into your house and was hiding under your fridge?
  • Seriously, though. You guys... there's a real life WILD lizard under my fridge. In the kitchen. Where I prepare food. Any ideas?
  • Ehrrrm. Lizards can climb, right? SOMEBODY HOLD ME!
  • Aaaaaaaah! I opened the fridge and the lizard was RIGHT. THERE. on the bottom edge of the door.
  • I'm trying not to freak out (because I really don't mind lizards), but... but... I AM sort of unhappy about the lizard INSIDE my kitchen.
  • Uaaaahrgh! I chased it into a box and it CLIMBED UNDERNEATH MY DISHWASHER. Why do I have all these dumb appliances?!!!
  • Lizard came out... then vanished when I wasn't looking. This is getting worse and worse.
  • Ehhhm. I had the front door open hoping The Animal would leave. Problem is, now I don't know if it has or not. Dang.
  • Still inside.
  • There's nothing quite as awesome as suddenly realizing that a LIZARD is sitting on your kitchen shelf, WATCHING YOU INTENTLY.
  • In other news: I'm going to need a paper bag to breathe into here, and quickly.
  • If I could be in two places at one time, I could get rid of the lizard.
  • OH MY GOD, IT WAS HALF-WAY OUT THE DOOR AND RAN BACK IN! Of all the lizards in the world, I have a stupid one in my house.
  • I GOT HIM OUT! It involved cursing, loudly saying NO!, towel-swatting (all ineffective) and finally throwing an IKEA basket out my door.
  • I don't mind lizards in the back yard (we have tons), but the "SURPRISE! Kitchen lizard is reading your cook books!" effect sucks.


      Annika said...

      Good job!

      bethany actually said...

      I did greatly enjoy your naptime tweets. Thanks for sharing!

      sarah doow said...

      I love the mental image I have of you discovering that the lizard is on the shelf WATCHING YOU.

      Inka said...

      I'm sorry, but this made me laugh out loud.

      N said...

      Me too. I love lizards OUTSIDE the house.

      Sometimes my cat watches me intently. I don't know what to do.

      Debbie said...

      That is too funny! (being that it wasn't me of course, and also because I would have freaked out just as much)

      Lauren S. said...

      I'm totally surprised we have not had a lizard come in yet. We have them all over our back yard and the kids leave the slider which is in the kitchen open all. the. time. or maybe a lizard HAS come in and I just don't know it. I'd rather not know. :P

      Anonymous said...

      Oh I am so sorry I missed those tweets.

      I've had lizards in my house before but so far (as far as I'm aware) they haven't gotten lost. I LOVE lizards, but NOT in my house. I'm always afraid there will be squishing involved. And since I don't go near squished things, I'd have to move and leave all my stuff behind.

      F said...

      Just discovered your blog and this post is hilarious! I would have freaked out too :)