Thursday, February 10, 2011


Noah likes animals. He often asks me if we can "go to the amables" today. Usually, the answer is one of my cleverly designed distractions, like "HEY! Wanna go to the ... (pregnant pause, excited voice) ... GROCERY STORE today?! It's going to be SO. MUCH. FUNNNN!"*

Not today though - today, we met our friends at the LA Zoo. They have a membership and were nice enough to use one of their guest passes for us. Zoos are fun. Zoos for free are even more fun, trust me.
We had a great time!
Two sweet, goofy girlies.
This started out as a hug. I grabbed the camera to capture the awwwww-moment, but I was too slow. Instead, I captured this gem of Noah, determined to hug, choke-holding Kevin, determined NOT to be hugged. Hee, hee.
 You know how it is with those fun days... at the end of them, all you have energy for is soaking your hurty feet in hot water with peppermint oil while throwing some photos at the internet and calling it "blogging." So, enjoy that, and take it from me - don't wear Chucks on a day when you do a lot of walking (this PSA sponsored by my feet and knees).
We had a heck of a time finding the elephants. They have a neat new exhibit that apparently makes it very easy for them to hide. NOT COOL, elephants. Not cool.
As we arrived at the giraffe enclosure, a zookeeper was just leaving. This giraffe had followed him to the gate and then hung out really close to the fence, right where we were standing. WIN!
Two boys, three Komodo Dragon babies.

*I feel the need to state for the record that I don't usually talk like that. Because it's annoying.


sarah doow said...

How cool to be up at eye-level with the giraffe, it makes for a great photo.

Yara said...

Thanks for going with us. The zoo is much more fun with friends!

Inka said...

The first picture reminds me of the Uncle Sam "You"-poster ... :-)

Wenn ich jemals einen Flug gebucht kriege, gehen wir dann auch in den Zoo? büddebüddebüdde :-*

Immigration and Naturalization said...

yay! cutie!