Wednesday, February 02, 2011

two short vignettes to make you say "better you than me" (aka birth control)

Noah wandered into the bathroom while I was showering this morning and decided that he wanted to "shower wif Mama." He then took off his pajamas and diaper and even went potty (unprompted!) before climbing into the shower. I was so proud!
Though unfortunately, he'd pooped in the diaper first, so when I got out of the shower, I had the pleasure of cleaning toddler excrement off the floor and toilet seat.

Later, I dragged Noah on a bunch of errands. We're working on getting him used to using the actual toilet rather than a diaper, so he often wears underpants now and I take him to the bathroom all the time. He doesn't yet tell me when he needs to go. So - errands. Diaper-less errands. Our last destination was Trader Joe's. When I opened the car door to let Noah out, he told me right away "I did NOT poop, Mama!" This, of course, means that he had just pooped his pants.
Without getting too specific here, let me just tell you that I performed a clothing change that, had I been at home, would have included use of the bathtub/shower. In a public (though thankfully very clean) bathroom. And I hadn't brought any wipes, so I had to wet down hand towels. I'm so incredibly impressed with myself.

ETA: I stopped buying disposable wipes a while ago because I simply don't use them up before they dry out. It wasn't until I read all the "Why don't you carry wipes with you, you dummy?!" comments that I remembered that I had my emergency wipe stash (of these cool wipes) in my purse the whole time. Um, yeah. Mommy brain?

So that was my Wednesday. A day of excrement-related accomplishments. I wonder if I should mention this on a resume/CV when I re-enter the (paid) work-force.


Madge said...

I'm going to just say ew, before I faint, due to my poop phobia. *THUD*

Yara said...

Amateur. You always carry a change of clothes and wipes. Until he's been reliably going in a toilet for, I don't know, a year!
You'll learn. Ask me how I know : /

And, oh... the removal of poopy underwear. I hate that! I think that may be why I don't potty train a toddler until they are pretty much training themselves. Accidents are horrible. Ick.

Anonymous said...

Aw, Madge has a poop phobia? I can't tell if we should get together or not?

You have my sympathy, Sonja. And here is your award: Best Poo-Cleaner in a Public Restroom! And Noah's: Best Cover-Up (for the line "I did NOT poop!")

PS. OMG my word verification is "sultly" and I'm offended! Or impressed! Who knows?!

Lauren said...

Sonja. You are a brave brave woman.'s me, training to be a nurse. I have two types of kryptonite. Poop and vomit.
I'm hoping I eventually become immune.

Also. It worries me that I wish for things such as being immune to poop and vomit. I need a life.

(And just in case I haven't logged into my Google account properly when this posts....this is Lauren. It drives me nuts when it calls me anonymous.)

bethany actually said...

Lauren, when one needs to be immune to poop and vomit (like when it's your kid) usually one somehow magically is. I don't understand how; I'm just thankful it's so.

Sonja, I'm with Yara. Annalie's been reliably potty-trained almost four years and I still carry wipes around with me. Well, now they're for Elliora, mainly, but you know what I mean.

Inka said...

this and all the comments here make me SO looking forward to having my own kids ... !

Debbie said...

Oh my. I don't think I want to potty train my little guy...It almost seems like diapers are easier! I'm really not looking forward to that stage.