Tuesday, February 01, 2011


It's been pretty characteristically spring-like weather around here, so Noah and I have been hanging out in the back yard. He plays in the sand and mud and tells me long stories about mixing sand and dirt and about how he's not supposed to do that.
Yesterday, I was weeding in my (currently defunct) vegetable beds (while my nemesis, the gopher, looked on from his hole that's in between the beds). As I moved my tomato cages, I saw that a ladybug had landed on one of them and was laying eggs! During the next 20 minutes or so, I tried (and failed) to capture the process on video (it really was very fascinating), growing increasingly irritated with automatic focus and with new-fangled technologies in general. I eventually settled for photos (which turned out only thanks to my Digital Rebel and its manual focus):
Finally, I just settled in to watch and enjoy the moment, glad to have the sun warming my back and my child happily playing (rather than disturbing the ladybug birth). A pretty good day, I'd say.


Yara said...

Remind me to have a ladybug take pictures of you when... never mind.

Anywho, how I love pre-spring in SoCal : )

Inka said...

And you know: Ladybugs can't all be ladies!

Anonymous said...

I have this intense urge to save those eggs and watch them hatch.

HOW COOL you got to watch!!

sarah doow said...

What a great thing to see happen. Ladybird larvae are the cutest little black monsters with orange stripes on their back, so look out for them!