Monday, February 14, 2011


hydrating, originally uploaded by girlwithgreencard.
I was having a lovely lunch on a sunny bench next to a fountain yesterday (ALL ALONE, WHICH WAS MARVELOUS), when a hummingbird zoomed by, landed on the edge of the fountain, turned its head this way and that, and then started sipping water. Uncharacteristically, I had my camera ready and already aimed at the fountain (since there was a rubber ducky floating in it), and was actually able to take a photo of the hummingbird!
This is even more surprising because what usually happens is this: A bird lands and does some fun, cute bird-type stuff. I do a very subtle, excited flail and run off to get my camera. I turn the camera on, take off the lens cap, zoom, and then the bird flies off, giggling triumphantly.
Birds. They are evil. Especially to me.


Yara said...

I giggled, because I've seen you try to take a picture with the lens cap on ; )
Boys do that to you, too.
Great hummingbird shot, though!
Glad you had a nice day Sunday <3

a chris said...

I tend to keep my lens cap off on my SLR, and the hood on. That works great most of the time. The hood protects the lens and I'm ready to shoot (I can get vignetting at the corners of a bright sky if I try, but it's not generally an issue). This foolproof method backfired when I tried taking portrait shots with the flash at my brother's house. I didn't think of taking the hood off because I never use the flash, and ended up with big hood shadows through most of the shots (many of which were otherwise good pics of the cousins posing together). D'oh!

So...uh, I guess don't be like me, and congratulations on catching the hummingbird!

bethany actually said...

Yep, I've heard birds (also butterflies) giggling at me as they flew off. Great shot! It probably helped that you didn't have a sidekick running full-tilt at the fountain, pointing and shouting whatever is German for "Look at the bird, Mama!"