Wednesday, February 09, 2011


Noah and I have been a little cabin-fevery lately. We no longer work, and toddler gymnastics is on hiatus for a few more weeks.Cabin-fever makes it hard to get along, you guys! Noah is acting his age and I run out of patience quickly... we needed something to do!
One thing I remember as a constant in my childhood (and I mean "one of many," not "the one and only" constant here) is crafting. We were forever cutting and gluing and sculpting and drawing and folding and painting. I figured making something with Noah would be a good way to burn daylight without losing my mind.
Yesterday, we made hearts.

 Noah made the top left one all by himself!

We used up a fair amount of my clear contact paper, but it was totally worth it. We both had fun, and Noah was super-excited to show off his hearts to Papa when he got home from work.

I continued the streak today and made play dough*. I had never tried that before. I've made salt dough, but always with the intention of baking it, so this was a bit different. It was really easy, and the play dough came out great! It smells good and it feels very nice.
We started out with almost equal amounts of four colors...
... until Noah decided that it'd be fun to stack them on top of each other, so now we have a lot of green and very little blue and yellow. He didn't care though - he loved it. So much so that he made Papa play with it after dinner until it was time for bed.

*Can you tell I discovered a new blog? I'm thinking about making the beeswax crayons soon. Also in the works: sidewalk chalk.


Kimara said...

Delighted you found us! Totally understand the cabin fever. All the gardening catalogs I've been receiving have done nothing for my patience :) Hang in there. Glad we are helping your over the hump!

sarah doow said...

Noah couldn't look happier with his play dough!

Kuky said...

I will have to try making play dough one of these days. I'm sure I have several pages bookmarked for just that occasion.

bethany actually said...

Aw, I love the hearts!

Yara said...

Looks like fun. Perhaps next week we will make playdough. It should be safe for the carpet, right?

kassie lou said...

Those hearts are beautiful. And that big boy smile in the play do picture is frame-able it's so cute and gleeful.