Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Parenting has been kicking my butt lately. It seems that everything I do/say/cook/play/suggest is wrong. It feels like Noah's entire (impressive) vocabulary has been replaced by NEIN!!! (no) and ALLEINE!!!! (alone). Also, his voice can only whine, and loudly at that. He wakes up grumpy from his naps, he screams when I ask him to go potty, and he runs away from me in stores. He's even upset when he wakes up in the middle of the night (because he's apparently not laying down the right way and I don't magically know how to help him lay down right).

Thankfully, I have friends who listen to my whining and give me good advice. And I have chocolate. And... Dr. Who on netflix. Also, knitting. And a door that I can close behind me as soon as The Husband is home and dinner is over.
Now - I know this is age-appropriate behavior. I'm pretty sure that both Noah and I are still recovering from our Germany trip and the ensuing jetlag. I know this is a phase that will pass. I remind myself of that often.
And yet... life. Still hard.


Yara said...

I understand completely

Annika said...

I hear ya. Some days my mantra is, "the only way out is through."

bethany actually said...

I know that feeling of being kicked in the butt by parenting, and I sympathize wholeheartedly. I wish I could come watch Doctor Who and crochet with you! I'm sure that would help us both, as I'm currently having to remind myself approximately 40 times a day, "This child's infancy will not last forever. She will not need to nurse 12 times a day forever. She will not want only you to hold her forever."

I'm so glad you have Daniel as your backup!

Anonymous said...

CHOCOLATE. That's what I need.

And this, too, shall pass. And you will probably survive it to see it pass.

kassie lou said...

Hang in there! And can I tell you how much I like Noah's necklace in that photo. Adorable.

a chris said...

Wow, I'm in a very similar place. I feel as if our daughter (2) has still not recovered from our trip to Canada at Christmas. She learned to whine from a 3-year-old at a Christmas party (GRRR!). She no longer wants to take a bath and wakes up at least once a night. She comes up with a million delays before bed (jumping on the bed, somersaults, toilet visit, drink of milk, cuddle, drink of water, oh look, I found a book/car/bear/clock/lip balm). I swear she has bags under her eyes!

I can still run faster than her...for how much longer?

Hang in there. You're ahead of us.

Brandy said...

Sounds like almost every one of my days!! I have a 2-year-old with one on the way. I know this is easier said than done, but I always feel like if I'm in a good mood and more patient (AKA well-rested), my toddler seems a lot easier to deal with.