Tuesday, January 11, 2011

IKEA-ed entry

Every time we get home from Germany, the change in our living environment (you know... going from my parents' house back to our own) makes it really apparent how much Noah has grown. Yesterday, for instance, I turned my back on him for a moment and found him sitting on the kitchen counter when I turned back. He couldn't get up there on his own six weeks ago! 
One of his new tricks is taking off his own jacket and shoes when we get home, which made it painfully apparent that we needed new coat hooks where Noah can reach them so I don't have to nag him for an hour to please pick his jacket up off the floor after each homecoming.

Voila! Thank you, Ikea!


Yara said...

I have those same hooks!
We just never put them up...
Oh well, hopefully I'll put them up in a new house/condo this spring!

PS when I come over, can I use the bunny hook for my jacket??

Kuky said...

Coat hooks!! Brilliant. Why don't I use coat hooks? Must have some kind of mental block or something. That would remedy coats tossed all over from my daughter AND my husband.