Saturday, October 16, 2010

internetters III

So, this happened. Bethany and Annalie came to California for an epic two-week visit, and while they were here, we saw a lot of Brenda and Bug as well. The above is a shot taken by Bethany in the Ikea parking structure, because no sooner had Bethany arrived at my house from the airport that I made everyone go to Ikea. And then to Trader Joe's.

We really didn't slow down much during this visit. Bethany stayed with different friends and family all around the area, and visited a lot of people and places that hold fun memories from Bethany's lives in San Diego (because she's actually (har, har) lived here twice).

all of us
Much driving, but also much playing, eating delicious food, good company, hilarious conversation, laughter, pottery painting, and photos ensued.
Summer being cute
The grand finale of the trip was Bethany's dotty baby shower. Which was more or less the best babyshower ever.
dotty candy
For more photographic evidence of our shenanigans, click through to flickr. (Yes, there's a group. What of it?!)
It took almost two weeks for me to get caught up on sleep, but I had a blast. Thanks for coming, Bethany! I can't wait for next time.


bethany actually said...

Uh, next time? I'm STILL recovering and catching up on sleep!

Just kidding. It was a really fun visit and we're already looking forward to next time too!

Yara said...

I'M looking forward to next time, to actually get to meet you : )
Uh, Bethany, not you Sonja. Not that I don't look forward to hanging out with you Sonja, I do.