Sunday, August 29, 2010

internetters II

One of my favorite things online is my 7days flickr group. Four times a year, we each take a self-portrait every day for a week, upload it to the group on flickr, and comment away. It's amazing how much you find out about a person and their lives in 7days. I first found the group through Elaine, then met Bethany there, got to know Bonnie better... basically, the 7days group is the bellybutton of the internet. (And no, there's no fuzz in there.)
Sarah is another friend I met on 7days. Because we're friends on facebook, I knew that Sarah and her lovely family were on vacation somewhere close-by. We messaged back and forth and decided to meet at a shopping center for lunch when they were on their way back home.
We had a lovely lunch together with shared food (someone needs to teach my child not to steal chips from others' plates!) and easy conversation. Afterwards, we braved the triple-digit heat (note the red, red cheeks in the photo) to let the boys run around by a fountain (minimal splashing included) and to take a group photo. We exchanged sweaty hugs and I promised to stop by if I (once again) found myself in Sarah's home town, then we all high-tailed it to our airconditioned cars and got on our respective ways home. Good times!


sarah doow said...

"The bellybutton of the internet": I like it. It's about time I met a few more 7 Dayers myself too!

tshsmom said...

How cool...on a beastly hot day!

Madge said...

I love the internet and secretly wish you would title this Internutters. I guess that was such secretive wishing now was it?