Monday, August 23, 2010

internetters I

Bonnie and I have been trying (in vain) to meet in person for well over a year, and it finally, FINALLY worked out! I'm co-leading the local chapter of the Holistic Moms Network, and when we decided to hold our July meeting as an idea-share panel discussion about homeschooling, I realized that here was my chance! Bonnie homeschools, so I decided to invite her. And would you know it? She was available that day, she was happy to make the drive up, NOBODY GOT SICK RIGHT BEFORE, and we actually met. Face to face, no computers required.
We hung out and played and went to Trader Joe's and went to our meeting and had story time before going to bed and had pancakes for breakfast (gluten free! hand-made! by me! from a mix!) and played some more and went to a park and had In-N-Out for lunch and it was lovely. The only way to increase the loveliness of it all would have been to knock about 20 or so degrees of the crazy temperatures (ironically (or not really, just poorly timedly), it cooled down the day after Bonnie left - right back to the comfy low 80s we'd been in before it freakishly hit 100) and skip the issues we had with the wading pool at our park. You see, there are a few parks with wading pools in my city. While school is out for the summer, the wading pools are manned by a lifeguard for two hours each weekday, so kids up to age 5 can play and cool down. During the last two summers, I'd noticed older kids in the pools, so I didn't think we'd have an issue bringing a child over 5... but unfortunately, the lifeguard bluntly told M that she was too old and wouldn't be allowed into the pool. While this put a real damper on our mood, I was pretty impressed with how well M handled things. She cried and was upset, but she was okay with letting the boys play for a short while. When we left, all of us walked right through the middle of the pool. HA!
(this photo is totally stolen from Bonnie's flickr stream)
It was fun to meet a new old friend. I'm looking forward to the next time!
(Also: Look! Bonnie blogged about this last month, when it actually happened! Amazing.)


Annika said...

Yay for meeting internet people!

Bex said...

*comment comment comment* *snuggle* :D

Anonymous said...

I am oddly tired for some reason. That heart is all I can come up with to say. And it's not even a word. lol