Friday, April 02, 2010

Yes. I just wrote a blog post about a playground.

The child... he grows. Like a weed. We recently discovered a really nice park with a very cool play structure when we were invited to a birthday party there. Noah particularly liked the bridge.
It also had a bunch of little slidey tunnels I really liked. I think we'll be back.

(So. This is a new low, yes? A blog entry about a playground? I'll do better. But hey, cute photos. That counts for something, right?!)


bethany actually said...

Nah, surely much worse blog posts have been written. And cute photos count for a LOT.

Jamie said...

I suppose you could go back to bodily fluid talk, but I like posts about the boy!

Yara said...

Playgrounds are perfectly good blog topics. And pictures are great!!!

Christina LMT said...

It's wonderful just to hear from you, Sonja!

Cute pictures of Noah are just a bonus. :)

Sascha said...

Hallo ihr drei!
Fröhliche Ostern!!! Hoffen, euch geht es gut und dass der Osterhase schön fleissig war.
Grüße, Sue und Sascha