Thursday, April 22, 2010


A weird thing happened a few days ago: we had no plans for a whole Saturday. None. It was the perfect opportunity to go on a little family field trip to see some wildflowers.

We hiked up and down and all around "Wildflower Hill." Noah impressed me by walking most of the trail on his own. There were sticks to carry around and big rocks to sit on, so he was a happy camper.
This part was a little scary: After a while, I carried Noah in the Ergo, and he asked for a drink (Dink. Watta?) He's been practicing drinking out of his sports-top Klean Kanteen, and while he's getting better at it, he does still usually end up being at least a little wet. Miraculously, we both stayed dry this time.

And just because this is Southern California, we got stuck in traffic on our way home (which made us take a detour, which made us pass Ikea, which made us go into Ikea and buy a new shelf for the kitchen, which is really not a bad thing to have to show for getting stuck in traffic).

Obligatory California Poppy shot. Pop!

* Luma = Noah's version of Blume = German word for flower


Annika said...

What beautiful photos!

bethany actually said...

Hooray for free Saturdays, and for Sonja blogging. :-) Also, I really like the obligatory poppy shot and your haircut!

Hee. My word verification is "anticks."

Jamie said...

Great shots Sonja!

Yara said...

Love the pictures.
And yay! They had your shelf : )

a chris said...

Followed you over from Bethany's blog and the beamer discussion...

Lovely pictures. That looks like a nice hike! Like the Ergo -- we have a Beco.

Now I see why you need a beamer: the German-speaking toddler tipped me off.

I'm all for having a beamer per family. If everybody had their own beamer, would we have beamer traffic? Collisions? 8-o

I'm commenting on this particular post because of the eerily-familiar flowers. We have California poppies in our front yard but I only bothered to identify them a few days ago because I put them in a blog post.