Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jan. 17th

We loafed around today. (Is that even a word?) (Oh, yes! It is. Good.) (Anyways.)
We lingered over breakfast and played around on the internet. We took our time in the shower and watched half a movie. The nice thing about being woken up at 6:30am is that there is so much morning to loaf away... after all that loafing, it was still early (not even 11 yet), so we walked on down to the farmer's market to buy delicious local blueberries (apparently picked yesterday!) and carrots (no idea when they were picked... pulled, rather).
While we were walking around on the market, I spied a baby who was wearing a hat I had made and sold at the store. It was pretty much the best thing ever!
(I wonder if Steve Jobs still gets that kind of a high when he sees a jogger with an iPod. Maybe not anymore. Anyhow.)
We stopped in at work, where I ran into a customer who was interested in buying a hat "like this one" in a different size, so... I got my very first custom order! :)
After lunch, we left Noah with his favorite playmate (Papa) and skipped off to the mall, where I acquired a shiny new pasta pot and a pair of skinny jeans.
So... a pretty darn good day!


bethany actually said...

Custom orders are the best! I still get all excited whenever anyone asks me for dottery. :-)

Yara said...

yay! custom orders!
yay! farmers market : D
Yay! skinny jeans!

sarah doow said...

How cool to see your hat out and about like that!