Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jan. 16th

My sister is visiting and I'm determined to blog every day-ish of her stay. Yesterday was completely unexciting - drive to LAX and back with a sick child, freaking out over a head injury*, early bedtime all around. But today! Today was interesting.

First, Inka and I took Noah for a walk and to play in a park. There was a reassuring number of toddlers with bruises/band aids on their head, which wasn't funny at all, and yet was sort of... funny. (I hope you know what I mean.)

While Noah took his nap, we cleaned up and decluttered and rearranged my sewing room. The forecast is calling for nearly Biblical amounts of rain next week (in other words: sewing weather) and I wanted to be prepared.
Later that afternoon, we headed out to the local paint-your-own-pottery place where Papa took care of Noah (thanks, love!) and Inka painted a little vase for me and I painted a kitchen plaque for Inka.

We had dinner at In'N'Out, got Noah to bed, and... watched some Chuck. What else could we have done?!

* Noah fell head-first onto the edge of the piano bench. A half-golf-ball-sized lump grew on his forehead in less than a minute. It was scary, but we've all recovered well.



bethany actually said...

Yay for daily-ish blogging! Also for sister visits, decluttered sewing rooms, pottery painting, rainstorms, and Chuck.

Boo to head injuries.

Annika said...

It must be head injury week. Sam has a bump and bruise on his forehead and none of us has any idea how he got it.