Monday, September 28, 2009

caterparty, part 1

(Hey, did you know that you can either raise a toddler (aka defend your house) or blog about living with one? Forgive my blog silence.)

Noah's birthday was, of course, celebrated in a big way. I started thinking about party themes months and months before his birthday, which is amazing considering that I'm usually more of a "Oh, hey! Your birthday is next week. Should we call some people?" kind of a party planner.

After I'd settled on a theme, I started bugging Bethany about cupcakes. The cupcakes were a major stressor for me, and I had millions of questions! Thankfully, Bethany is a very patient person, and virutally held my hand through the whole process. She even almost made the cupcakes for me, seeing how she is the queen of cupcakes, but she had prior committments for party day (which also meant that she, Annalie, and Troy had to miss the party).

After some emailing back and forth, Bethany and Brenda decided to come up to hang out and to do some hard-core party brainstorming. I had been gripped by pre-party panic... I was completely paralized and couldn't plan or prepare anything because there were just too many options! I had a date, but that was pretty much it. Out three brains put together did wonders for me! (Also, hanging out was fun!) The panic lost its death-grip, and before long, I was shopping for supplies, printing out photos, and cutting construction paper... (And ordering balloons, which I will no be doing again, ever. Driving those things home was the worst!)

(Stay tuned for part 2, which I'm sure I'll write sometime before Christmas, if Noah ever naps again, which is not a sure thing.)

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bethany actually said...

I am still laughing---literally, cackling out loud---from clicking on that link to "queen of cupcakes" and finding it linked to a search of my Flickr stream. That. Was. HILARIOUS. To me, anyway. Thanks for the laugh! I'm glad my lame-o emails helped you out so much, and am still sorry we had to miss the party!

Which reminds me, I need to email you back about the WAP!