Thursday, August 13, 2009

things I have been doing instead of blogging

  • twitter-ing
  • facebook-ing
  • flickr-ing
  • watching Chuck, then re-watching Chuck
  • talking other people into watching Chuck
  • hanging out at the beach
  • painting pottery with Bethany
  • riding my bike with Noah on the back in his new bike seat
  • cooking from my new cookbook
  • starting a couch to 5K program to prove that I can do it
  • playing board games with friends
  • re-arranging furniture (IKEA has new stuff! Squeeee!)
  • working


bethany actually said...

I like how two of your items have to do with Chuck. :-)

Christina LMT said...

Looks like you're busy living your life...that's fantastic!

I remember riding my bike around Hickam AFB on Hawaii with Silver in her little seat in the back. We both loved it.

Now she's in college! Yikes.