Friday, August 14, 2009


Remember that bit about starting a couch-to-5k program?
It all started with a good friend telling me that she was soooo excited to train for a 5k. My first thought was that this was a silly idea because, well, running is so... well, I hate running. The program she told me about sounded really good and easy enough, so thoughts of the possibility of training with her swirled in my head for a day or so. Then, I had half-ish of a beer with dinner, and suddenly, that couch-to-5k program sounded SO VERY AWESOME! I'd be a running runner! I'd be buff and fit and generally... yar! I shot my friend a quick message saying that I was in, and went on my first workout the next morning.
The first workout was fun. It felt completely manageable to do 60 seconds of running and 90 seconds of walking alternately for 20 minutes. I was only minorly sore, and because I also started riding my bike on the same day (INSANITY, THY NAME IS SONJA!), I never could tell if it was the running or the biking that made me sore.
This morning, I went on my second run-workout.
I knew I was in trouble when I felt absolutely zero motivation to actually go and do it. After my second running-minute, both of my knees ached ever so slightly (a warning - this stuff only gets worse with more exercise), and my shins felt a little splinty (or I'm a slightly hypochodriacal person, who knows). I was sweating and panting.
I suddenly remembered that I hate running. Hate it.
I couldn't think of any good reasons to make myself go through with this silly 5k thing.
So I'm not.
And I am so happy about it.


tshsmom said...

Good for you!!
I don't care what anybody says; running is NOT good for our bodies! Walking, biking, swimming, and yoga are all excellent low damage workouts.

Jamie said...

Sonja- you are crazy! Shin splints?!

Well at least you tried. I bet you're watching Chuck right now as I write this comment.

bethany actually said...

I'm glad you didn't force yourself to do something you hated! Funny, though, when I very first started running (years ago) I expected to hate it and right from the first day I LOVED it. I got a runner's high the first time I ran my measly one-minute-per-four-minutes-of-walking workout. I mourn my bad knees and the fact that I can't run anymore without basically destroying them. *sigh* Oh well.

Gracie said...

Runners love running. The rest of us take our time getting places and have more fun along the way. No guilt needed.

But I have to say, runners have a way of making everyone else feel guilty for not running 5ks and 30ks and other kinds of ks. ("I'm training for a 10k. What do you do with all of your spare time?") I don't make them feel guilty for not dancing around to level 10 music while cleaning their house or carrying 2 kids on their backs for an hour walk!