Wednesday, June 10, 2009

working girl

I was going to write a weepy how-can-my-baby-be-almost-a-year-old-already post, but then he interrupted me and, well, now I'm over it. ("It" being writing the post, not the general freaked-out-ness over the VERY OLD BABY I now mother.)
Just for your information, though:
what my feet see
one year ago
It's officially crazy.

But (as the Monty Python boys say) now for something completely different!
I am once again gainfully employed!
A friend from my homeschooling group opened a store about a month ago. She's selling cloth diapers, baby carriers, wooden toys, nursing bras, and hippie menstrual products (among other things). She's basically selling all the things I've so far had to buy online (and pay shipping for, and we all know how I feel about that). I'm helping out two days per week, and I get to bring Noah (which is both awesome and exhausting). My first two shifts were really stressful and sort of crazy because I had so much to learn but seemingly zero brain capacity to listen (since I was simultaneously trying to keep Noah from destroying the displays, taking away my friend's son's paci, and drooling and/or chewing on the customers' shoes). My third day was magically better and by my fourth shift I felt like a pro (which I am not, just for the record). I am so excited!!!


doow said...

"I'm over it" made me laugh and then wheeze and cough in the most attractive manner.

I also had to re-read one part, as I was wondering why on earth you'd be drooling on your customers' shoes. But then I understood.

bethany actually said...

Sarah, clearly you have never met Sonja in person or you wouldn't have been wondering.

Just kidding!


Yara said...

Sonja chews on my shoes all the time.
Okay, no you don't.
I really need to come visit.... I like not paying shipping too!

Christina LMT said...

Good for you! Oh, you'll be a pro before you know it. :)

Gracie said...

What a sweet gig! Paying job you can bring your baby to. Congrats!