Wednesday, March 25, 2009

the great catch-up

It's occurred to me that I haven't actually blogged in, uh, a while. So here we go with operation catch-up!
My sister and her boyfriend (Inka & Kai, Inkai for short) are visiting right now, so we've been doing touristy things.
We've gone to a regional park. I had never been there before, which is ridiculous because it's really close to my house and very pretty:
Puddingstone Reservoir
We also went for a hike in the local mountains. I got to try out my new baby carrier (I gave in and bought the Ergo, and - predictably - love it).
two cuties
We even happened upon some (admittedly pretty thawed-looking) snow. Kai had just returned from a skiing trip, so he was unimpressed. I, on the other hand, was veeeeery excited.
shorts, meet snow
Yes. Shorts and tank tops. That is how we do March in So Cal, snow and all.
Noah is a big fan of drawstrings, and Inka was happy to oblige:
I love my auntie!
blending in
Aaaaaaand now it's almost midnight and I'm going to bed. We're visiting the Wild Animal Park tomorrow...
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bethany actually said...

Wild Animal Park, that's practically in my backyard! Okay, it's not really. :-) And you're with family, so I don't expect you to meet me for coffee.

I hope you guys are having a blast!

Elaine said...

Yeah, the Ergo is kinda awesome. Especially considering I am still carrying Anya around in it and she's almost four!

Wish we could jump up to WAP to see you guys, but alas, too busy! Have a great time!

Melissa Haworth said...

I grew up next to the WAP. Say hi to my high school when you drive by!

Liz said...

J likes to dangle his hoodie drawstring over Henry when he's lying down and try to get him to bite it. He calls it "going fishing." Very cute :-)