Friday, February 20, 2009

This boy of mine...

Teething is admittedly fun for none of us. Outside of teething, however, Noah is the most delightful little buddy I could ever have imagined. He is sweet and friendly and snuggely and makes me laugh all the time.
Noah just learned how to sit last week. He is so excited about sitting! Look:
The only time he's not in a sitting position is when he's sliding around the house on his belly. When I sit at the table eating my breakfast and doing my Bible reading (BTW, not entirely up to date on the yearly plan, but definitely doing much better than any other year I've tried this, i.e. every year since 2000), he scoots over to my chair to look at me. He usually ends up having to be rescued from under the chair because he gets stuck in the cross-bars down there; and even though he knows how to scoot backwards, he cannot free himself from the under-chair-jail.
This kid loves to giggle and laugh.
The other night, he giggled in his sleep, sending both of his parents into silent fits of laughter.
Yesterday, right after nursing, he poked my belly. When his fingers vanished in The Flab, he laughed. (Note to self: teach son that a woman's fat is not a laughing matter, hehe.
While Noah enjoys destroying the towers I dutifully build for him, his favorite game is peek-a-boo (or, in our house Kuckuck - da!). He gets seriously excited about seeing me peek out from behind the bathroom door, around the kitchen corner, or even from behind my hands. We're talking baby-belly-laugh excitement. It's adorable.
And of course, there are those tender moments in the dark, after I nurse him in the middle of the night. He snuggles his head into the space under my chin, lets out a big, contented sigh, says a faint "nanaaaaaaa" and goes to sleep, his body melting into mine.
How could I possibly ask for anything else?


bethany actually said...

Annalie used to ask to nurse by saying, "Oooh! Ooo-ooh!" excitedly, like a monkey. I'm sad I never got it on tape.

I'm glad that even in the middle of the teething torture, you're cherishing the small moments!

doow said...

The baby's adorable, but I'm just delighted that I now know the German for peek-a-boo!

Christina LMT said...

Precious! He's such a happy baby; you're all blessed to have each other.

tshsmom said...

That last picture just melted my heart! There is NOTHING better in this world than holding a sleeping baby!!

Joleen said...

You are both beautiful.